Handheld Chemical Identifier

Handheld Chemical Identifier 


Model No.: DP-6000

DEFENSE PLUS offers DP-6000 Handheld Chemical Identifier, for rapid, accurate identification of unknown liquids and solids such as threat liquids, narcotics, explosives, and chemical warfare materials. Based on Raman spectroscopy, DP-6000 can analyze the unknown substance in question quickly and provide an immediate, reliable result.





   ♦ Investigete drug smuggling 

    ♦Explosive detection

    ♦Chemical warfare agents detection

    ♦Suspicious chemical analysis


►Inspection and quarantine

     ♦Illicit drugs inspection

     ♦Unknown chemicals analysis


►Pharmaceutical chemical:

      ♦Raw material analysis

      ♦Product quality analysis

►Technical Features:

♦ High accurate and flexible identification of a wide range of the unknown
substance with extensible substance library;
♦ High speed inspection;
♦ Handheld and ergonomic design;
♦ Non-destructive and Non-radioactive testing;
♦ Analyze and identify substances in several seconds typically;
♦ Micro USB and Wi-Fi for data transfer and software update;
♦ 5.6 inch touch screen ;
♦Can check the information from mobile phone software ;
♦ Integrated Bluetooth for data sending;
♦ Friendly operation based on touch-screen with graphical user interface and
minimal training required.