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Defense Plus takes annual maintenance for your security equipment. Our service...


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We provide two-year warranty with all our equipment. This includes onsite servicing...

  • DP2015
    DP2015 Hand-held Metal Detector
  • DP2014
    DP2014 Hand-held Metal Detector
  • DP-2008
    DP-2008 Hand-held Metal Detector
  • MD-3003B1
    MD-3003B1 Hand-held Metal Detector
  • DP-2300
    DP-2300 Portable X-ray Inspection Scanner
    DP-IIIA Walk-through Metal Detector
  • DP5030A
    DP5030A Mail and Small Parcel X-ray Inspection System
    DP-IIIC Walk-through Metal Detector
    DP-IIID Walk-through Metal Detector
  • DP3300
    DP3300 Fixed Under Vehicle Inspection System
  • DP5030C
    DP5030C Check-In X-ray Baggage Scanner
  • DP300A
    DP300A Walk-through Metal Detector
  • DP600
    DP600 Fixed type Narcotics Trace Detector
  • DP300B
    DP300B Walk-through Metal Detector
  • DP300C
    DP300C Walk-through Metal Detector
  • DP6040
    DP6040 Check-In X-ray Baggage Scanner
    DP-IIIX Walk-through Metal Detector
  • DP2009
    DP2009 Hand-held Metal Detector
  • DP-5008
    DP-5008 Under-ground Metal Detector
  • DP6550
    DP6550 Checkpoint X-ray Machine
  • DP8065
    DP8065 Large Parcel and Small Cargo X-ray Inspection Machine
  • DP3000
    DP3000 Potable Under Vehicle Surveillance System
  • DP10080
    DP10080 Large Parcel and Small Cargo X-ray Inspection Machine
  • DP300
    DP300 Portable Explosive Detector 
  • DP1000
    DP1000 Desktop Liquid Scanner
  • DP1500
    DP1500 Hand-held Liquid Analyzer
  • Bomb Disposal Blanket
    Bomb Disposal Blanket Bomb Disposal Blanket
  • Bomb Disposal Container
    Bomb Disposal Container Bomb Disposal Container
  • DP100100
    DP100100 Pallet and Air Cargo X-ray Checking Machine
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