Portable X-ray Inspection Scanner

 Portable X-ray Inspection Scanner

 DPX 6046

Lightweight, Excellent for field use

Rugged, High Quality with Low Price

Equip with Line Scan technology

Superior imaging capabilities for accurate detection

Large imaging Area

Instantaneous images ( 6 seconds )

Fully portable X-ray system

Standard laptop, touch screen (rugged laptop optional)


Wire resolution42 AWG

Imaging Area (mm): 600mm X 460 mm (23.6 in X18.1 in)

Imager Size: 770mm X 531mm X 84 mm (h X w X d) (30.3 inX20.9inX3.3in)

Battery Operation: Support for 500 image shooting

Working temperature: -15℃~+50 

Storage temperature: -40℃~+70