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Defense Plus at SECURIKA/MIPS 2018
Release time:29 March,2018



The 24th International exhibition of security and fire protection equipment and products(MIPS) was successfully completed on March. 23rd,2018 in Moscow Expo centre Fairgrounds. As a leading manufacture of x ray baggage scanner, metal detectors and other security inspection system, Shenzhen Defense Plus Technology Co., Ltd. attended SECURIKA. During SECURIKA, We showed our customers we can more than offer a good piece of equipment, but a complete security check solution. At the same time, laid a foundation for exploring potential chance and opening up a market in Russia.

Securika Moscow is regarded as the most authoritative exhibition of security and fire protection products in Russia even in Eastern Europe and is known for its professional and large scale. Today, every security enterprise should go deep thinking about how to solve users’ request and equipment practical application better. Through this exhibition, our company got close contact to the market, and understood our customers’ true need.

Defense Plus displayed the model explosives detector DPE-7000 in SECURIKA which was recently developed according to the market demand. We also showed our hot selling items DPW-300B and DPW-IIIC walk through metal detector.


DPE-7000 portable explosives and drug detector is developed based on the most advanced advanced ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) technology in the world, It can quickly and accurately detect and determine the types of trace explosives and drugs in few seconds.  Because of its good performance in detecting explosives and its portable feature, It has been widely used in subway, railway, public security, border police, government Units, postal logistics and other key security zone.

Our booth has attracted the eyes of numerous visitors during 4 days in SECURIKA. Our staff also have been working enthusiastically and communicating with the visitors positively.

We will constantly improve our technologies to develop the most advanced and innovative products. Providing our customers a perfect security solution and become a topping great China security equipment manufacture is the goal pursued by our enterprise.