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Green tea were found to be drug by Defense Plus Brand Liquid Scanner
Release time:11 May,2016
Green tea were found to be drug by Defense Plus Brand Liquid Scanner
"Green Tea" turned out to be drugs. Customs officers at Lo Wu on the spot found the suspects by Liquid Scanner. Currently, the party has been the Customs anti-smuggling department of criminal filing. Recently, at 9:00 am, a middle-aged man in Hong Kong via Lo Wu Control Point membership immigration, undeclared to the customs. Customs officers found him walking pace panic, looking poor mental state, listless, they put their stopped for identification checks.
Parties to carry simple luggage, carrying only a blue paper bag, paper bags built with a bottle of tea beverage. Customs officers found this bottle "drinks" somewhat suspicious, the first is filled with the liquid inside is dark green, and the normal tea should you were pale yellow-green. The second is the ratio of normal to drink packed full of some. The third is the beverage bottle is unscrewed too, not intact. So the customs officers use liquid scanner to detect this bottle, and this time the machine alarm. 
In the face of the facts, the parties acknowledge the facts: he would methadone loaded beverage bottle, attempting to bring order to immigration. By criminal identification technology sector, involving methadone article 585 ml (equal to about 600 grams). It is reported that, according to the "Supreme People s Procuratorate, Ministry of Public Security on public security organs in criminal cases under the jurisdiction of the filing and prosecution provisions of the standard," who hold more than 200 grams of methadone, the crime of illegal possession of drugs should be placed on file.
The security inspector remind the passengers: lighters, matches and electronic cigarette equipment fire shall not be carried or hidden in the baggage, and the above dangerous objects must be found by x ray baggage scanner, liquid scanner, explosive & drug detector, hand held and walk through metal detector. If the passenger luggage have taken the above items, please remove them in time, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. And notice to the passengers, please do not by other illegal means, such as hiding, transfer, etc.) carry lighters, once discovered, will be dealt with strictly.