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Mortar shells also want to by air for tourism
Release time:04 October,2015

It is reported from CARNOC.COM that recently the airport security inspector found one big mortar shell in the registered luggage, in fact, it is one used and craft of mortar shells, and Mr. Chen want to take it to home as decorative article, but Mr. Chen was transferred to the airport public security organs in accordance with the relevant provisions.
"Yes, it really is a shell, but it has been no power". It is worth reminding to passenger that although it have lost power, but its deterrent is still exist, once aboard with passenger, it will threaten to passengers, even threaten the flight safety running. Hope that the travelers think twice before to buy when shopping, no getting into trouble.

Xiamen airport security police alert the passenger to abide by the civil aviation law of the People s Republic of China when travel and shopping, the law of the People s Republic of China aviation security regulations of relevant regulations, if it is found that you taken the forbidden items list in <The ban on passengers carrying or checked items>, the passengers will hand over to the civil aviation public security organs. In order to pass security check safely, please note the following items:
A, Prohibit passengers to carry or consign the following luggage:
(1) gun, military or police equipment (including main components), including: 1, Military guns, guns for the discharge of official duties: Pistol, rifle, assault rifle, machine gun, anti riot gun, etc. 2, Civil gun: gun, shotgun, gun movement, narcotic injection guns, starter s pistol etc. 3, Other guns: sample of guns, props gun, etc.. 4, weapons, police arms: batons, military or police knives, bayonets, etc. 5, countries ban guns and equipments: Ball gun, tear gas guns, stun gun, defibrillator, defense equipments, etc. 6, the copy sample of the above objects.
(2) the explosives serials: including: 1, Ammunition, bombs, grenades, flares, incendiary bombs, smoke bomb, flares, tear gas, gas bombs and bullets(Blank Bomb, bomb test, blank battle, coach bomb)etc. 2, blasting equipment: explosive, explosive, fuse, lead to explosive cable, non electric detonation system, blasting agent, etc.. 3, pyrotechnic products: fireworks, fireworks, fireworks etc..4, the copy sample of the above objects.
The security inspector remind the passengers: lighters, matches and electronic cigarette equipment fire shall not carry or deal with the baggage, and the above dangerous objects must be found by x ray baggage scanner, hand held and walk through metal detector. If the passenger luggage in placing the above items, should be removed in time, lest cause unnecessary trouble inspection. And passengers, please do not by other illegal means, such as hiding, transfer, etc.) carry lighters, once discovered, will be dealt with harshly.
For violation of the above provisions, the civil aviation public security organs according to the provisions of the people s Republic of China on public security administration punishment regulations, the people s Republic of China National Aviation Law and the people s Republic of China aviation security regulations and relevant laws and regulations to deal with; constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.