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Haikou Meilan Airport security inspector seized giant lighters
Release time:21 September,2015
CAACNEWS reported: Haikou Meilan Airport security inspector seized giant lighters inside of consigned luggage when they arrange luggage consign for the passenger Mr. Zhang who will take flight from Haikou to Beijing.
The size of this lighter is same as A4 paper and outlook is almost same as Zippo. The main fuel is oil, due to the large volume of oil inside of the lighter , if in the checked baggage is accidentally ignited, may cause fire in large cargo area, seriously even lead to plane crash. 
Though Meilan Airport security staff have seized hundreds of passengers to carry lighters every day, but this is the first time to seized a huge size of the lighter.
In fact, passenger Mr. Zhang is a troupe actor, this giant lighter is props for the show. Except of this lighter, there also have a lot of contrabands including electric shocks, starting pistol(for the sport game), etc. inside of the luggage.
According to the provisions of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, there is definite forbidden to take electric shock, lighter, starting pistol and other contraband objects when luggage consign. So even if the performance and other special reasons for the show, they cannot be placed in the baggage when luggage consign. At present, the Meilan Airport has transferred passenger Mr. Zhang to airport public security police bureau.
Meilan Airport to remind visitors: recently under the Public Security Bureau of civil aviation issued "on the passenger carrying lighters, matches, take the civil aircraft legal responsibility notification", emphasis on illegal carrying, shipment or use lighters and matches the passengers, may face the public security organ shall impose a fine of not more than RMB 5000 Yuan, detention and other administrative penalties.
The security inspector remind the passengers: lighters, matches and electronic cigarette equipment fire shall not be carried or hidden in the baggage, and the above dangerous objects must be found by x ray baggage scanner, hand held and walk through metal detector. If the passenger luggage have taken the above items, please remove them in time, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. And notice to the passengers, please do not by other illegal means, such as hiding, transfer, etc.) carry lighters, once discovered, will be dealt with strictly.