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Lighter hidden inside shoes was found by walk through detector
Release time:19 September,2015
Lighter hidden inside shoes was found by walk through detector
Civil Aviation Resource Net September 19, 2015 report: According to The security regulations of the People s Republic of China, the Chifeng airport public security bureau Seriously deal with a case that one passenger hidden dangerous goods through the security check.
10:30 A.M, Morning of 17th, Sep., Chifeng airport public security bureau received a security report to the police, a passenger Mr. Xie who will take a flight named GS6514 from Chifeng to Hohhot, he was found by personal security inspector that there is a hidden lighter inside his shoes when he go through the walk through metal detector. The police decided to take him back to to the police station in the terminal area of the police station for questioning.
After investigation, we knows that Mr. Xie is addicted to smoking and he knows that there will be forbidden to take a lighter, but he want to smoke at any time and freely, so he decide to hide a lighter into the shoes to avoid to be found.
The security inspector remind the passengers: lighters, matches and electronic cigarette equipment fire shall not carry or deal with the baggage, and the above dangerous objects must be found by x ray baggage scanner, hand held and walk through metal detector. If the passenger luggage in placing the above items, should be removed in time, lest cause unnecessary trouble inspection. And passengers, please do not by other illegal means, such as hiding, transfer, etc.) carry lighters, once discovered, will be dealt with harshly.