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Toothpick box instead of matchbox?
Release time:18 September,2015
Toothpick box instead of matchbox? The safety inspector of Baiyun airport saw through the passenger tricks with x ray baggage scanner
Civil Aviation Resource Net September 17, 2015 report: Baiyun airport safety inspectors can seized many Fire lighter, cigarette lighters and matches by x ray inspection system and metal detector every day. And with the relevant departments to increase of passengers hiding behavior of lighter punishment, the passengers of illegal behavior also has the convergency, but there are still very few passengers "crimes against the wind", was eventually arrested is the Baiyun airport security.
Morning of 17th, Sep., when the passengers Mr. Chen was checked by airport security at Baiyun airport, the personal inspector Mr. Lee found there is a foreign body in the pocket, then let him to put it out for checking. And Mr. Lee found there is a matchbox in a lot of cash from his pocket. "You can not take matchbox." Said Mr. Lee. But Mr. Chen said:" it is my toothpick, is it ok?" "Though I am myopic, but I can distinguish the matchbox and toothpicks clearly. Then again, how do you use matchstick for teeth picking?" and Mr. Chen can not say anything.
Similarly, recently there is a old man, but it is really turned a matchbox to be a lighter, the modified technology, also can be called "art"! Two days ago, Grandpa Wang to accept security, carry a briefcase was checking out a metal lighters. But he can not "find" it in the briefcase, Suddenly, he patted his head, exclaimed: "oh, look, bad memory! Girl, Is what do you want to see this?" And to take out a metal "lighter". "But that is not lighter! This really is just a toothpick!"Grandpa Wang smiled and explained, he just think the metal shell is small and solid, and he know lighter is forbidden, so he modified the lighter to be the toothpick box. But the security inspector "found" it by x ray baggage scanner and it is really a joke.
The security inspector remind the passengers: lighters, matches and electronic cigarette equipment fire shall not carry or deal with the baggage, and the above dangerous objects must be found by x ray baggage scanner, hand held and walk through metal detector. If the passenger luggage in placing the above items, should be removed in time, lest cause unnecessary trouble inspection. And passengers, please do not by other illegal means, such as hiding, transfer, etc.) carry lighters, once discovered, will be dealt with harshly.